DP on Mission to recruit new members, ignore noisemakers

Posted: 2020-08-04T11:23:46Z
DP on Mission to recruit new members, ignore noisemakers

The opposition Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has revealed that his party is doing well despite noise being displayed in media.  Mao was addressing the Party weekly press conference in Kampala on Tuesday morning.

He revealed that they opened a party office in Tororo, where the delegates’ conference of 1958 took place and the party’s symbol of the fist was adopted.

According to Mao, they found many people who are still following DP ideologies religiously including a 90 year old man who has decided to seek election as a directly elected councilor and a renowned pastor who has also decided to join DP after standing as an independent in 2016.

“In Tororo, they are going to be holding weekly meetings intended to recruit new members. You cannot have a party of leaders only, where everybody is a leader, we need a party with members. I will be sad the day I look at DP and everybody around me is a leader, I need to ask, where are the members?” Mao said.

He noted that those who are all fighting for leadership of the party should know that even in church, there are religious leaders and a congregation. Adding that DP has a very strong congregation in Tororo. 

Mao says many party members are surprised to see noise makers in media, yet there is no trouble but that the party leadership will no longer comment on its members who are making personal decisions not to associate with DP.

“I want to apologize in advance that I am not going to talk about anyone, so don’t ask me that so and so is planning to join which party, I am sorry I have no comment on that. Because my oath registered in heaven is to defend the constitution of DP and to ensure the welfare of its members. When you leave DP, you stop being my responsibility. I think we are giving them a lot of unnecessary publicity by talking about them” Mao argued.

The development follows a lot of noise that has been coming from a group of members who endorsed the National Unity Platform, NUP leader Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu as their preferred Presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections.