Angry mob kills man over child sacrifice 

Posted: 2020-08-03T18:14:34Z Read: 2,224 times
Angry mob kills man over child sacrifice 

Police in Soroti district are investigating circumstances under which an angry mob lynched a 25-year-old man for allegedly killing his niece in a ritual. 

The deceased is Thomas Ekwaru, a resident of Ogolo Village who is reported to have killed his three-year-old niece, identified as Loyce Ingedu on Sunday after picking her from her parents- who are both dumb.  

According to David Ongom Mudong the East Kyoga Region Police Spokesman, Olwelai Police Post recorded a case of a missing child on Sunday from a concerned citizen, David Ochan. 

However, when officers started investigations, community members engaged Ekwaru who was last seen carrying the child.

Mudong says the suspect succumbed to pressure from the community and led residents to two different scenes where the body parts of the victim were found wrapped in a polythene bag.
They later pounced on Ekwaru and killed him.