Police arrests 22 from La Venti bar Najeera

Posted: 2020-07-27T05:56:45Z Read: 1,735 times
Police arrests 22 from La Venti bar Najeera

Police at kira Division has arrested 22 suspects from La venti bar in Najera during a night operation targeting bars that are continuing to operate with in the areas of kira municipality. 

The Ministry of health issued guidelines to help in reducing the spread of Coronavirus in the country, one of them being, to keep the bars closed.

However, Luke Owoyesigyire the deputy police spokesperson Kampala Metropolitan are says they have been getting information of  bars that were stealthily operating and attending to customers thus flaunting  ministry of health guidelines. “Most of the people were taking advantage of the relaxation of curfew” he says.  

During the Sunday night operation, 22 suspects were arrested from La venti bar Najera while other revelers upon seeing police fled but left their cars behind, which were also impounded by Police. The suspects are currently detained at Kira Division Police station.  

In  a similar operation, Kiira Road Police also arrested and detained the Manager of Cask Lounge at 35 John Babiha (Acacia) Avenue Kampala city for operating a bar, flaunting guidelines from the ministry of health.  

“We want to warn the public to at all-time keep in mind the guidelines that were issued by the ministry of health, suspects are all being processed on charges of doing a negligent act likely to cause an infection of a disease” Owoyesigyire warned. 

He added that the operations are still ongoing.