Sembabule OC in trouble for shooting civilian dead

Posted: 2020-07-23T08:28:46Z
Sembabule OC in trouble for shooting civilian dead

The police have arrested on of their own Yakuduh Mwambala, the officer in Charge of Ntuusi Police Station in Sembabule district for shooting dead a civilian in a land dispute. 

Mwambala is in trouble for shooting dead a one Ambrose Nuwagaba on Wednesday evening during a violent land dispute pitting residents of Nakitokolo village in Ntuusi Sub County against their landlord, Victor Nabaasa.  

According to reports, residents accused Nabaasa of attempting to block access to a community road. 

It is alleged that Mwambala was invited by the village council leaders to stop an impending clash between the tenants and the people Nabaasa had deployed to block a community road but no sooner had he arrived in the area, than violence broke out. 

Mwambala reportedly drew his gun and shot in the air to disperse the angry residents leading to a scuffle in which he shot dead Nuwagaba and injured Nathan Mpingi who was part of the team deployed to block the community road.

According to Muhammad Nsubuga, the Greater Masaka Region Police Spokesperson, the arrest of Mwambala is to help police investigations into the shooting. 

Nsubuga says they have also launched a manhunt for Nabaasa to explain his claim on the disputed land and why he hired a militia gang to execute his mission without involving local authorities.