I know who you are; Hon Nabilah hits at anonymous Tom Voltaire Okwalinga being an Opposition figure

Posted: 2020-07-16T10:20:00Z
I know who you are; Hon Nabilah hits at anonymous Tom Voltaire Okwalinga being an Opposition figure

Kampala Woman Member of Parliament Hon Nabila Naggayi Ssempala has promised to fight what she terms as Political Media Bullies.

In a facebook post just one day after she was denied a chance to stand for Kampala Lord Mayor seat on the FDC ticket, Nabilah says the political media bullying is just an extension of the viciousness that politicians experience in the political environment. 

“I am well adorned with armor to withstand it. But I shudder to think about the future of politics that has well-structured political mercenaries. Unfortunately the innocent and most often unsuspecting public falls into their well-oiled propaganda machine” she says.

Nabilah says that through such a culture, they will chip away at democracy and the rights that they purport to champion which prevents more suitable young women and men to join elective positions and this slows down the prospects of political change in the country.

She was responding to a comment from Tom Voltaire Okwalinga  on her facebook post, where the commenter alleged that Hon Nabilah had taken a fake photo taken in Canada to deceive and dodge the infamous Togikwatako vote after President Museveni allegedly paid her loans.

She says that Voltaire Okwalinga is one such Bull Dog of the official ‘opposition’s Napoleon’ and that she knows who he represents but they are cowards to come out in the open. 
“His “fangs” just like a Hyena (because he can’t be a Lion) have always been used to tear apart those deemed a threat to the coveted position of the opposition “Mafia”! This is a response that I am according to them and their “life-long” propaganda. It is only the emergence of people power that put cracks into their game! Tell yourself bosses that I am unstoppable!” she says.

Hon Nabilah warned that she will not be fazed! And that the propaganda has never stopped her and neither will it stand in the way of the Journey to City Hall.
On Wednesday, Nabilah was denied an opportunity to hold the party card for the Mayoral seat after she allegedly returned the nomination forms just one day after closure of the process.

Drama ensued at the FDC headquarters where her supporters were engaged in a physical altercation with a group of youths that accused her of jumping the ship. They made it clear, that she was no longer welcome to the party.

The move was seen by many, as a way of the party endorsing the current Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago.