Only officers above Sergeant Rank allowed to De-register Vehicles- Police clarifies

Posted: 2020-07-13T12:31:47Z Read: 1,086 times
Only officers above Sergeant Rank allowed to De-register Vehicles- Police clarifies

Uganda police force has explained that the process of deregistering vehicles that are found to be in poor conditions is  allowed so owners take time to get mechanical repairs, get them tested and then permitted to get back on the roads.

The clarification was made by Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, following a police internal memo that leaked over vandalism of motor vehicle number plates. 

Enanga says that the message was directed to junior officers who are not allowed to deregister number plates. However, he says that only officers at the ranks of Assistant Inspector of Police and above, are allowed to carry out the process. 

“The message was being directed to junior officers from the rank of Sergeant and below. So, Sergeants, Corporals and Police Constables are not allowed to de-register number plates from motor vehicles. The only people who are allowed to do this are officers the rank of Assistant Inspector of Police, AIP and above. These ones can cause for the removal of number plates if a vehicle is found to be unfit on the road” Enanga clarified.

He added that an AIP with one star should not physically do this, but that they can instruct any officer below them to carry out the process. “Where an AIP is not present, please do not allow for your number plate to be removed” Enanga says.

The police publicist however says that vehicles in Dangerous mechanical conditions are a menace to the owners and other road users. He added that the operations will continue. He advised junior officers to use other mechanisms of stopping the vehicles.