NRM CEC to sit again on Sunday over Party Primaries 

Posted: 2020-07-09T14:08:14Z
NRM CEC to sit again on Sunday over Party Primaries 

The National Resistance Movement [NRM] party Electoral Commission Chairperson Dr Odoi Tanga has announced that the party primaries will not be held through electoral colleges.

While addressing a Press conference on Thursday, Odoi said that notwithstanding what is taking place in parliament, the party will elect their flag bearers in the same way it was done in recent elections.

Currently, members of parliament are debating the guidelines recently presented by Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu the Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, on how political parties can hold party primaries without necessarily gathering people in compliance with the ministry of health guidelines on the spread of COVID-19.

In the past, the NRM party held party primaries using electoral colleges but this system was abandoned in 2015 due to numerous complaints of cheating and manipulation of voters. 

 According to Odoi the Central Executive Committee [CEC] of the party will on Sunday review the NRM electoral roadmap and on Monday he will communicate it to the public.

CEC has so far sat five times and failed to agree on the party electoral roadmap with a contention on how to balance between having a credible election without bleaching guidelines set out by the ministry of health on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 
While some members headed by President Museveni, the party chairman, were suggesting that the party ditches the constitutional amendments passed by the delegates’ conference early this year that changed the mode of voting from the secret ballot to lining behind candidates, others do not want this.