FDC Calls for National Dialogue, Transition of power as Party rejects Digital campaigns 

Posted: 2020-07-06T11:56:53Z
FDC Calls for National Dialogue, Transition of power as Party rejects Digital campaigns 

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change Party, FDC wants the Electoral commission to hold normal elections in 2021 or cancel the entire process.

During the weekly party press conference, Hon Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda the party spokesperson said that Uganda is faced with a pandemic like many other countries, and that the party believes in all the measures that WHO has announced including wearing face masks and washing hands among others

However, Nganda says that holding the general election on the day stipulated in the constitution and electoral laws, will be a risk by Uganda. 

“The proposal of FDC is that we must, as a necessity have normal elections as commanded by the constitution. The constitution provides for only normal elections where candidates freely interact with the electorate. Any attempt to modify these elections will be unlawful” Nganda warns.

The party spokesperson says they have made it clear to the electoral commission, that extension of the term of the president and Parliament as is being suggested in some quarters, also cannot happen because it is not supported by the constitution. 

“The FDC, we want to reiterate our position, rejects digital campaigns because they compromise the quality of elections” he said.

Hon Nganda also explained that the people’s government led by Col Dr Kiiza Besigye together with the FDC are in final phases of producing a position paper that calls for a transitional arrangement when the term of the current administration expires in May 2021.

He says that when the document is ready this week, they will circulate it to political parties, CSOs, Member of Parliament and Religious leaders. The document is calling for a national dialogue and consensus on how to navigate the waters.

“Our proposal is that we can allow the term of office for the current administration to expire in May next year and in its place we put a transitional council whose job will be to run the government and organize elections when the situation normalizes” Nganda explains.

He noted that instead of having an elections where candidates cannot fully interact with electorates, they can have a dialogue and agree as a country to allow the current administration serve their term up to May when it expires, and agree on the transition.