Police officer shoots village defence secretary

Posted: 2020-06-25T16:09:26Z Read: 601 times
Police officer shoots village defence secretary

Police have arrested one of their own a constable for allegedly shooting and injuring Kamuli zone C defence secretary.

Luke Owoyesigyire the Kampala metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson, says that Sam Obotoro is being detained on accusations of shooting, Paul Mbogo, who was questioning him for moving with a gun in the night.

Owoyesigyire adds that Mbogo became suspicious when he saw a man holding a gun moving in the dark and demanded that he identifies himself. Mbogo reportedly told Obotoro that he will not allow him to continue with his journey unless he identified himself.  In the scuffle, Obotoro allegedly shot Mbogo in the foot.

Obotoro told police at Kira Division where he is being detained, that Mbogo tried to grab his gun. However, while speaking from his hospital bed at Gwattiro hospital, the victim refuted this account.

Mbogo instead told police and other relatives that he was shot because he demanded an explanation from Obotoro since it was already dark, but the policeman responded by shooting in him in the foot. 

According to Owoyesigyire, Kira Division police have embarked on investigations into the case.