Museveni extends lockdown for 14 more days 

Posted: 2020-05-19T08:07:22Z Read: 1,015 times
Museveni extends lockdown for 14 more days 

Ugandans are in a state of confusion following the President’s 14th national address on COVID19 pandemic. 

The President extended the lockdown by 14 days without directly saying it out loud, but suggesting that government is manufacturing masks that will be ready for distribution in the next 2 weeks.

Now, shops, that are not located in malls and arcades can open for business, but must adhered to the standard operation procedures SOPs, while markets shall remain as has been. 

The new measures allow that on 2nd June 2020, public transport shall open, but vehicles shall only carry half their capacity. However, boda bodas and tuk tuk shall only carry cargo as has been for the next 21 days.

Districts near borders will remain under lockdown with no public transport for fear of carrying the disease to other parts of the country, even after June 2nd. 
Private cars are also allowed on the road but with only three people including the driver. Pedestrians, buses, taxis, boda bodas and other cars shall not be allowed to mix. All this starting June 2nd. 

Government shall distribute masks to all people above 6 years of age.

“It is important that everybody gets so we all have equal protection” Museveni said.

Taxi drivers shall carry out their business quietly in the parks. Bars, gyms, saunas, swimming pools and salons among others will remain closed for an extra 21 days.
With education, candidate classes of P7, S4, S6 and all those in final classes in higher institutions of learning shall head back to school, however, no examinations shall be given except end of year. This shall be effected in the next 14 days when they get masked and public transportation is fully operational.

Curfew from 7pm to 6am remains in place for another 21 days. Hotels and restaurants shall also open but maintain SOPs and ensure air conditioner is switched off.
All other restrictions will remain in place for 21days as the government monitors what has been lifted. 

 “We are moving to opening up, but opening up is tied to masks and masks will be ready in two weeks’ time from tomorrow” the President noted. 

He warned that whatever is done, must be tied to masks. The borders and airport remain closed and he warns the issue of Ugandans stuck abroad should be approached with caution and not cheap popularity.

Uganda went into lockdown on March 18th 2020 and on 21st of the same month, the country registered the first COVID-19 case. Currently, Uganda has 248 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 63 recoveries.