Ugandans Furious as Minister Kutesa permits Ethiopian Airlines to fly three Individuals to closed Entebbe Airport

Posted: 2020-05-15T10:59:07Z Read: 1,479 times
Ugandans Furious as Minister Kutesa permits Ethiopian Airlines to fly three Individuals to closed Entebbe Airport

Hell has broken loose on social media after Ministry of Health together with the Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa Kahamba authorized the travel of three Ugandans from the United States of America.

According to the letter from Ministry of health addressed to a one Ben Kavuya, his permission to airlift his family and quarantine them at Legacy Courts in Bugolobi had been approved. 

The three individuals are Barbra Kavuya wife to Ben Kavuya, Blanche Kibaju their daughter and grandson Isaiah Tiba Byabashaija.

The trio is expected to be flown into the country by Ethiopian airlines on Monday 18th May 2020. They will land at Entebbe International Airport which is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Museveni closed the airport and ground borders on 22nd March 2020 after Uganda confirmed its first COVID-19 case. He directed that no person is to be flown in and out of the country. Only Cargo is received at the airport.

However, an exception seems to have been made for this one family, without any explanation given. On Wednesday May 13th, Minister Kutesa wrote to the manager Ethiopian Airlines and copied to Ugandan Ambassador in Addis Ababa allowing them to fly the three individuals back home.

“This letter grants permission to board the following persons on Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa to Entebbe International Airport on Monday 18th May 2020. Barbra Kavuya, Blanche Kibaju and Isaiah Tiba Byabashaija” Kutesa writes.

However, many people wondered why neither the Immigration under Ministry of Internal Affairs nor the Civil Aviation Authority have been copied in his letter. 
According to the Ministry of health, Ben Kavuya wrote to them on May 11the requesting to bring his family back home, and also provided space for them to spend the mandatory 14 days of quarantine, this permission was granted.

“After thorough inspection of the premises at Legacy Courts Plot 4 Younger Avenue Bugolobi on 14th May 2020 by the compliance technical team from the National Quarantine Pillar COVID-19, we have found the premises suitable and have met the standard for a full quarantine site. The purpose of this letter is to approve the above mentioned premises as quarantine site to host Barbra Kavuya, Blanche Kibaju and Isaiah Tiba Byabashaija for the 14 days quarantine upon arrival in Uganda. 

The ministry says it will take and test samples from the individuals before discharge. Their health status will also be regularly monitored by a team from Ministry of health, during quarantine.

Many Ugandans say this is too much familiarity from the same authorities that have kept them home for close to 60 days now due to the pandemic. Many also say if the airport can be opened for the three individuals, all Ugandans that can afford to return should be given permission to come home. 

Some Ugandans especially those in China and musician Eddy Kenzo who has been stuck in West Africa have been crying for a way back home, but were told to wait until the airport in re-opened.