President Museveni donates half salary to COVID-19 National Task Force

Posted: 2020-04-30T16:08:53Z Read: 2,289 times
President Museveni donates half salary to COVID-19 National Task Force

The president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has Thursday afternoon donated 1.4 million Shillings to the COVID-19 National Task force.

The money was handed over by first lady Janet Museveni who said she was impressed by how Ugandans have come together during such times to show care for one another.

“There has been a lot of bitterness, a lot of conflict and it didn’t seem as if people cared for each other anymore. But honestly as they say there is always a silver lining in many of the problems that come to humanity” she said.

The first lady added that this particular problem has brought amazing results and that the spirit it has brought back into Ugandans, the love people have for each other shows that God has a purpose for everything He lets happen.

“I truly believe that God had a purpose for this problem, we are so grateful to God that we have not lost anybody in this country, we have lost Ugandans who were living abroad, and we say it is a Passover in the Christian faith” the first lady said.

She then handed over the president’s donation which she said was from his heart. Kataha added that Mr. Museveni was challenged by Ugandans when he was giving the recent national address on Tuesday this week.

The money was handed over to Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda this afternoon.

Ugandans have donated billions of shillings and others food, cars, medicines, masks among other things to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The country has not registered any death related to the disease.