Uganda Prisons says Sakwa is at Kirinya Prison as President Museveni Pardons 833 Inmates

Posted: 2020-04-27T10:22:14Z
Uganda Prisons says Sakwa is at Kirinya Prison as President Museveni Pardons 833 Inmates

Uganda Prisons spokesperson Frank Baine has trashed reports that Jinja RDC Erick Sakwa was released from prison immediately after court charged him and two others with manslaughter and robbery.

According to Baine, the RDC was only moved from Busesa to kirinya prison. He dared any Ugandan who is sure that Sakwa is home, to go and show him to the country.

“Busesa is where we keep the new prisoners who have just come from Court. Those with smaller cases. Chicken thieves and wife beaters, but those with bigger cases, we got a place in Kirinya where we keep them, and Mr. Sakwa on that very evening, we moved him from Busesa to Kirinya. Whoever thinks Sakwa is home, should show him to us so we can be charged for conniving with criminals” Baine said. 

He added that while social media is good, its use should not be abused by people spreading fake News. Adding that spokespersons are available to answer any questions and everyone should ask to know what is true or not. 

“If you say what I am saying is a lie, speak with proof but don’t lie to the country. We have already complained to the police and those spreading lies will be arrested” Baine said. 
Sakwa was arrested together with Bazimbyewa Bumali and Simba Mohammed in relation to the death of one Isanga Charles.

Meanwhile, President Yoweri Museveni has pardoned 833 inmates in a move to reduce on the congestion in prisons and as a kind gesture. Baine however says they are ready to accept more criminals if they are arrested for flouting the Presidential directives on COVID-19. Baine says he currently has 271 convicts, those on remand are1,970 and in total 2,241 are behind bars.

He says they still have space to hold those brought in by police. Baine was speaking at the Joint Security Task Force daily media address in Kampala on Monday morning.