Boda Boda Riders, Bicycle owners get a sigh of Relief as police releases impounded bikes

Posted: 2020-04-20T11:52:53Z Read: 1,940 times
Boda Boda Riders, Bicycle owners get a sigh of Relief as police releases impounded bikes

The Joint Security Task Force, JSTF has revealed that all motorcycles impounded by police across the country following a directive by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be released back to the hands of their owners.

This follows a directive by President Museveni, prompted by Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde that Boda Bodas should carry out deliveries until 5PM and that those initially impounded for violating the 2pm curfew be released. 

In his last speech, the President had insisted that boda boda deliveries stop at 2pm because they are often used by criminals to rob and kill people in the night. However, Minister Kyambadde made a case for them, convincing the President to move the boda curfew to 5pm. 

On Monday morning, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson while speaking to the press said that police welcomed the directive of the president and owners of bicycles or motorcycles impounded should go to the police stations where they were impounded and sign for them.

However, the riders were warned that whoever violates the new rules of riding between 6:30am to 5Pm, security won’t hesitate to crack the whip.    

Police had impounded more than 500 motorcycles and bicycles in Kampala Metropolitan Area following the president’s directive.

Meanwhile, Brig. Richard Karemire the army spokesperson said security is still very concerned about the number of non-essential vehicles on the road and that they will intensify their operations to have all of them impounded.  

“We are not ready to allow any gaps; we don’t seek any cheap popularity with this matter because we have a job to do and this remains our focus.  In all the coming days, we shall continue to be placing obstacles to those who try to maneuver the directions of the president” Karemire warned. 

The Uganda Prisons spokesperson Frank Baine announced that they have joined the Uganda Police and the UPDF in distributing food to vulnerable people in Kampala.