41 Ugandans arrested for smuggling food into Kenya

Posted: 2020-04-10T10:27:06Z Read: 1,345 times
41 Ugandans arrested for smuggling food into Kenya

The joint Security Task Force has arrested 41 Ugandans for attempting to smuggle food to neighboring Kenya. 

Security also arrested 8 Kenyans that were trying to enter Uganda. Fred Enanga the police spokesperson told the press in Kampala on Friday morning, that Kenyan nationals have been using L. Victoria to enter Uganda. 

He however warned that Marine officers have been deployed to deal with them.

Security also arrested 2 people at L. Unyama as they attempted to enter Uganda from South Sudan. He says that despite border closure by President Museveni following the outbreak of CoronaVirus in the country, many people have been arrested smuggling foreigners into the country especially using water bodies.
In Kikuube district, security operatives have arrested four Congolese Nationals for illegal entry into the country.  

The Congolese whose identities have been concealed, were arrested on Thursday after they allegedly crossed into the country through Lake Albert.

They were arrested on arrival at Sebigoro landing site in Kabwoya Sub County.