Police denies shooting people Dead in Mukono

Posted: 2020-03-27T20:19:32Z Read: 935 times
Police denies shooting people Dead in Mukono

Police has denied shooting dead Ugandans during enforcement of the presidential directives on CoronaVirus on Thursday.

There were rumors on social media that two people were shot dead in Mukono on Thursday as police and sister security agencies enforced president Museveni’s ban on public transport.

“This is not true, the fact is that yesterday at around midday, a motorcyclist carrying two passengers was stopped at Misinde LC1, Ggoma division in Mukono district by police officers but he defied the order. The officers used all means to make him stop and the motorcycle was parked aside” Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango says.

Adding that the community tried to forcefully remove the motorcycle from police officers. They were warned but the group kept advancing to one policeman who fired warning shots but unfortunately a stray bullet hit the rider of the motorcycle identified as Oryem Alex on the left knee.

“He was riding motorcycle Reg. No. UDM 919 B. he was rushed to Mukono health centre for treatment. According to eye witnesses, the rider deliberately refused to comply and attacked the officers on duty and other people joined. However, it was only one person who was injured not two as alleged on social media” Onyango clarified.

He appealed to the general public to adhere to the presidential directives instead of confronting security personnel.