Chinese Nationals Arrested in Zombo to Appear before Nakawa Court today

Posted: 2020-03-23T09:59:27Z Read: 844 times
Chinese Nationals Arrested in Zombo to Appear before Nakawa Court today

Six Chinese Nationals who were arrested by Ugandan authorities for allegedly escaping from quarantine, are set to appear before a judge today. 

According to Joyce Moriku the Minister of State for Primary Health Care, the Chinese nationals were arrested in Zombo districts after escaping quarantine in Kampala, before the mandated 14 days. They were returned to Kampala on Sunday and will be tried at Nakawa Court today.

“This is not a drill. Uganda has taken drastic measures that everyone is expected to follow. Their passports have been withheld until after the Court ruling. I hope the other people under quarantine can learn from this experience and follow guidelines given. Please stay safe and stay vigilant” the minister advised.
On Sunday, President Yoweri Museveni announced closure of Entebbe International Airport and all ground borders at midnight, for both Ugandans and foreigners. 

All those that flew in before the midnight deadline, are currently quarantined at different hotels in Entebbe. 31 people are currently quarantined at Katomi Kingdom Resort Entebbe. Several Ugandans working in the UAE were flown home over the weekend, hours after government in UAE announced that no flights will be allowed in or out for two weeks, starting in the next 48 hours.

In his speech, the president gave green light to companies, factories and hotels a green light to continue operating, arguing that they can easily follow up in case any employee is infected. 

Buses and taxis plus other means of public transport are still operational. However, in his first speech on Wednesday, the president warned that in case of an outbreak in a given area, this would be put under strict lockdown with no transport allowed in or out. 
The Chinese were allegedly escaping to DRC.