I just want to be President; Gen. Tumukunde

Posted: 2020-03-05T08:31:30Z Read: 2,389 times
I just want to be President; Gen. Tumukunde

Former security Minister Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has denied ever receiving money as pay off from President Museveni. There has been a rumor that General Tumukunde was paid Ugx 2 billion while retiring from the army, to keep his mouth shut. However, he denied all this, claiming all he wants is to be president.

“I am standing, I am not seeing anyone out of power. I am standing for president. How long have I been serving President Museveni? I parted with President Museveni in 2003. In the 1980 war, he was offering leadership. When I got an injury in the leg, was he injured? 

Gen. Tumukunde said he was not pleased with members of the public who simplify the noble cause they did in that war. He also mentioned that some people are paid by the President to ensure there is no opposition in Uganda. 

“Their job is to speak for the opposition when they are pretending to be in opposition.”

While appearing on local TV station this morning, Gen. Tumukunde denied ever torturing Ugandans in Safe houses. He said safe houses are places where foreigners who are suspected to be a security threat to the people of Uganda are kept. He added that many people that were held in safe houses were released and are living in Uganda freely, while others that were found to be security threats were arrested. 

“Which safe house did I command?” he wondered.

He said he handled security during the most difficult time in Uganda, during the murders of Muslim leaders. Gen. Tumukunde said he handled the whole matter well and did not use safe houses to torture them. 

"I handled security in the most difficult time. Can I tell you my most dependable voters in this country as I stand? The Muslim community. I managed the whole affair very well. If I was torturing, using safe houses, why would they be finding me adorable?” he wondered. 

He asked Ugandans not to use the difficult jobs that soldiers do for the country, against them. 

The general added that his other voters are people in Northern Uganda, because he managed a very difficult situation there. “Some of you, would you even manage to sleep in an IDP managing Ebola? He asked.