Gulu Prominent Chapati vendor killed

Posted: 2020-02-25T16:15:56Z Read: 1,350 times
Gulu Prominent Chapati vendor killed

Police are investigating circumstances under which some unknown assailants hacked to death, a popular chapati vendor in Gulu municipality. The deceased has been identified as  Naleka Wagama, 38 whose lifeless body was found lying behind Gulu Regional Referral Hospital construction site in Laroo Division on Tuesday morning.   
According to Nshekampora Diogen, a porter at the site where the body was found, it had multiple cuts an indication that the deceased could have been killed using machetes.
Wagama was last seen alive on Monday evening.    
Patrick Jimmy Okema the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson  narrates that preliminary findings indicate that the deceased completed work around midnight on Monday.
Police canines traced blood drops to an area where the deceased seems to have struggled with his attackers in a corridor in Bus Park B Sub ward.  
They followed drops of blood up to the corridors in the Bus park B sub ward in the center of the town where they found blood and signs of a struggle. 
A case of murder is being investigated at Gulu Central Police Station under CRB 254/2020, Okema added, and the deceased’s body was still lying at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital pending postmortem by press time.
Police are yet to make any arrests.