Fear as New Swarm of Desert Locusts enters Uganda from Kenya

Posted: 2020-02-25T16:14:03Z Read: 1,477 times
Fear as New Swarm of Desert Locusts enters Uganda from Kenya

A new swarm of locusts has entered Uganda through Nakabak, Ruta Subcounty at the border with Kenya, the Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed.

The development follows confirmation of locusts swarms in Karamoja, Teso, Lango, Acholi and Sebei sub-regions that happened weeks ago. The locusts in these areas are classified as mature adults that are mainly laying eggs.

Hon. Vincent bamulangaki Ssempijja told a press briefing in Kampala on Tuesday, that it is anticipated that the first swarm which entered the country on February 9th 2020 laid eggs which may hatch into hoppers, the most destructive stage of the desert locusts cycle.

“Our technical teams and the UPDF are on ground boosting surveillance to ensure that the emerging generation of locusts is controlled” the minister noted.

Crops affected by the locusts invasion in the areas include; soghurn, cassava, sweet potatoes, maize, millet, sim sim, cotton, sun flower, g.nuts, citrus and mangoes. 
Government says if it had not done something as soon as possible, the country would have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in crops that would be destroyed by the locusts.

Government has now partnered with the National Environment Authority, NEMA to ensure that there are minimal effects to the environment during the desert locusts control activities.