FDC wants President Museveni to compensate Dr. Stella Nyanzi for 16 months spent in Jail

Posted: 2020-02-24T11:22:54Z
FDC wants President Museveni to compensate Dr. Stella Nyanzi for 16 months spent in Jail

The head of State, President Yoweri Museveni and the First lady Janet Kataha Museveni should pay Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) member and activist Dr. Stella Nyanzi for throwing him into jail for the last 16 months on flimsy charges, the party has demanded.

During the weekly Party Press conference, Hon. Ssemujju Nganda the FDC Party spokesperson welcomed back Dr. Nyanzi who was arrested in November 2018 and charged with cyber harassment and offensive communication “Just for wishing Mr. Museveni not to have been produced by his mother Esteeri Kokundeka, Nyanzi has spent 16 months in jail” Nganda said.

Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu convicted and sentenced Nyanzi to 18 months in Luzira due to the above. “The FDC is happy that this sentence handed out by a visibly biased magistrate was last week overturned by High Court judge Henry Peter Adonyo. We congratulate Dr. Nyanzi for winning back her freedom and for having a bogus sentence hanging in her neck set aside. The FDC thanks all those who have stood with her” he added.

However, Hon. Nganda reminded the country that Nyanzi was also arrested in April 2017 for criticizing Mr. Museveni’s wife Ms Janet Kataha’s management of the education ministry. She was charged with cyber harassment and this case remains unresolved todate. 

“Between wife and husband, the Musevenis have deprived Dr. Nyanzi an opportunity to live with her family. Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe supervised by Janet Kataha, took advantage of her incarceration to remove her from Makerere where she was a lecturer. These are too many mistakes that Museveni, wife and the state must correct” Hon. Nganda noted.

He added that aAs FDC, they demand that Dr. Nyanzi be fully compensated for time she has spent in jail and also be immediately reinstated or compensated for the unfair removal from Makerere University. 

Adding that Museveni and the wife must be reminded that running public affairs will and must attract criticism, fair or unfair. That is what you face when you seek to lead others.
Nganda said that Mr. Museveni must know that if he didn’t change the Constitution to become a life president, the social media era would never have found him in the State House. “He is now paying for his insatiable appetite for the State House.”

He  noted that keeping Dr. Nyanzi away in jail has affected her family especially the children. He claims her family is now broken. On Monday, Nyanzi was at Buganda Road court, where the Grade one Magistrate Doreen Karungi  adjourned the OTT case to March 24th 2020.