Gun stolen from Hoima, recovered in Amuru

Posted: 2020-02-18T10:32:30Z
Gun stolen from Hoima, recovered in Amuru

One gun has been recovered by the Police Flying Squad Unit in Amuru district after it was stolen from a guard in Hoima district. 

A cording to Patrick Jimmy Okema the Aswa Region Police Spokesperson, the short machine gun registration number UG POL 565830154-27828 was recovered along with 19 rounds of ammunition.

Okema adds that the gun was recovered around 4:00PM on Monday evening from the home of one Fred Onencan in Awer village, Palema Sub County in Lamogi in Amuru district.

 Onencanbis said to have revealed the whereabouts of the firearm while being interrogated for assaulting Corporal Walter Oling.

Okema explains that the gun was stolen from an officer who was guarding the National Drug Authority offices in Hoima district.

The suspect is in custody at Gulu Police station since the community members wanted to lynch him.

Rhe suspect will later because taken to Amuru district where he will be charged with illegal possession of a fire arm and assault.