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How well do you know Uganda?

Posted: 2020-02-10T09:14:33Z Read: 134,548 times
How well do you know Uganda?

We can all position Uganda in the world of tourism. It's the one industry that puts money directly in the pockets of our citizens stimulating economic growth. Discerning the opportunities and amplifying all our attributes as we know them can better position what we offer in shaping our narrative.


Speakers at the recently concluded 3day 5th Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) couldn't emphasize building mutual value for our businesses and our country, partnerships, and establishing circuits to grow tourism in East Africa and Africa enough. We complement each other well.



Africa must work together to tell and write our own story on our differences, successes, challenges and about what brings people to us. The East African community has taken steps with its Tourist Visa and free trade zone to foster growth.



Uganda is rich in nature, wildlife, most notably its diverse warm tropical climate and people that offer (fusion of adventure, culture, history, and great food) the best value for money for its square kilometers "more for less and there's something for everyone" explains Lily Ajarova, Uganda Tourism Board's Chief Executive Officer.





The board's mandate is to promote the country as a tourist best destination both locally and internationally in order to stimulate economic growth hence POATE is a channel through which key stakeholders; Private sector, tour operators, investors, hotel owners, agents, arts and culture, tourism police and media can connect, showcase and discover the Pearl of Africa to the world.



More still, there are big returns on sustainable tourism investment and impact, the sector registered several achievements in 2019 with 4% growth locally and 6% in the region (awaiting on 2019 UBOS stats) with more incentives with the regime; investment capital allowances, training, research, allowance on infrastructure and subsidies on land in the sectors of priority (Agro-processing, ICT, Tourism, Agro-processing & Mineral processing) but also suffers some tragedies, therefore, presenting opportunities to better infrastructure.





Connectivity was made easier with Uganda Airline's bombardiers with faster and more convenient direct routes within and out of the country, no excuses - make the trip.



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See how
Uganda Tourism Board-UTB used every communication channel to its disposal to reap such a huge impact.