Police clarifies on alleged escapee Terror suspect, says he was released upon serving sentence

Posted: 2020-02-07T09:52:21Z Read: 1,152 times
Police clarifies on alleged escapee Terror suspect, says he was released upon serving sentence

Police has refuted a story that run in one of the local dailies on Tuesday, February, 4, 2020, under what has been referred to as a  malicious and misleading headline ” Al-Shabaab terror suspect escapes “. 

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson says that this daily further alleged that “Abdul Sandir had been in police custody since his rearrest in 2018. It is alleged he planned to attack Parliament, Oasis Mall and Makerere in 2014. "We strongly refute these claims as false" he noted.

Enanga clarified that Abdul Sandir is not a terror suspect in custody, or someone held against his will. Instead he was one of the nine suspects, arrested and charged to court in 2014 with Terrorism. Seven of his Co-accused had charges withdrawn against them. Two in the year 2015 and five others in 2018. Abdul Sandir was later convicted and sentenced upon a Plea bargain, which he served and was released in 2019.

After his release, he began working closely with the police and other community partners on matters of public interest and security.

According to the police mouthpiece, Sandir currently has no crimes against him in Uganda and was therefore,  wrongly portrayed as an escapee suspect on charges of terrorism. He also continues living his life, offence free and his reintegration and coordination with the police and the public, has been very positive.
"We do strongly condemn the manner in which the story was published based on a false narrative. This has not only put the life of the victim at risk but also depicts the police as a very reckless and unprofessional institution, whereas not" he noted.

Adding that; "We therefore, demand for an apology and immediate withdraw of the false and malicious article which is intended to mislead the public and negatively portray the police. We urge all the Editors of media houses to always verify any information with the police authorities and further confirmation with the PRO."