34th NRM/A Victory Day Celebrations slated for this Sunday in Ibanda

Posted: 2020-01-22T11:38:22Z
34th NRM/A Victory Day Celebrations slated for this Sunday in Ibanda

The ruling National Resistance Movement, NRM party will on Sunday January 26th 2020 commemorate 34 years since coming into power.

This year's National celebrations will be held at Ibanda Core PTC Grounds on Kagongo, Ibanda District under the theme; "Celebrating NRM/A's patriotic struggle that ushered in national unity and socio economic transformation."

According to the Minister incharge of the Presidency Esther Mbayo, President Yoweri Museveni will be chief guest and.other important guests have been invited to join him.

January 26th 1986 was a climax of an armed conflict that began on February 6th 1981 at Kabamba Barracks by the NRA fighters led by Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The day also marked the capture of Kampala and brought what Hon. Mbayo referred to as restoring peace and order in the country. 

"Lasting five years, the NRA protracted people's war had been consciously by ordinary citizens who exhibited extra ordinary heroism, sacrifice and skill, bearing in mind that it was not their fight, but a fight for the masses, a fight for the people, that is why it is called the people's war" Mbayo added. 

She added that the 34th NRM/A's victory Day is an emotional for all children of the mother Uganda, whether living at home or abroad.

"We remember with gratitude the countless freedom fighters that struggled, strived and made heroic sacrifices to win us our freedoms from dictatorial regimes" Mbayo noted.