Police, UCC arrest SIM Boxing suspects in Kampala

Posted: 2020-01-20T12:28:05Z Read: 1,212 times
Police, UCC arrest SIM Boxing suspects in Kampala

Police has in custody 6 suspects arrested during a weekend operation conducted by the Force together with their Uganda Communications Commission, UCC against SIM Boxing, a form of electronic fraud.

Two other people were arrested for supplying stolen SIM cards to the illegal operators. 

SIM Boxing is the act of a person/group of people setting up a device that can take in several SIM cards and using the same to complete international calls received from the Internet as voice over IP (VoIP). The calls are in turn served to the in-country mobile network subscribers as local traffic. As such, the SIM boxer by-passes international call rates and often undercuts the tariffs charged by local mobile operators.

Now, police arrested three suspects at Masanafu in Rubaga division and recovered on SIM Box with 545 SIM Cards. Police also arrested two suspects from Clement Hill Road and recovered one SIM Box.

The operation went to Kasubi where one SIM Box was recovered while suspects are still at large. Police also found theirf premises closed, but the SIM Boxing apparatus up and running. Meanwhile at Nakawa market, two SIM Boxes were recovered, one with 32 SIM Cards and another with 1,024 Cards. Police arrested one suspect.

According to a statement from UCC, investigations into the matter are ongoing and the suspects face charges of electronic fraud.