Drama as FDC Kanyamas attempt to evict Police officer from Party function

Posted: 2019-12-16T12:12:34Z
Drama as FDC Kanyamas attempt to evict Police officer from Party function

Drama ensued at Namboole stadium this morning when Members of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change, FDC were involved in running battles with police officers who had been deployed to man security at the party’s anniversary celebrations.

FDC party leaders sought police deployment for their 15th-anniversary celebrations today along with party personnel to work alongside the police.    
According to Sadic Amiir, the FDC Party Secretary for security,  a number of non members accessed the venue, with the help of the security teams that were provided by the Police.   

However, dramatic scenes erupted  when Amiir’s team of Kanyamunyu identified a suspicious gentleman and interrogated him only to discover that he was not an FDC member after failing to answer basic questions about the party. 

When the team tried to drag him out, thy discovered he was a non-uniformed police officer on duty.      

According to Amiir, they suspect that such people had been deployed to sabotage the function.

This allegation was however dismissed by Luke Owoyesigire the Kampala Deputy Police Spokesperson who said the police force would not plot anything sinister against the FDC function as they are only available to provide security. 

 "Why would the police be sabotaging their function? We are there to provide security and that’s all,” he explained. 

Police officers have since chased the FDC security team saying they were interrupting their work.  

On 16th December 2004 FDC was founded from the then Reform Agenda, a pressure group under the leadership of Col. Kizza Besigye, who had fled the country after the post-2001 general election events. It until today remains the strongest opposition political party in Uganda.