Panic in Kasese as Alleged Goat thief Dies in Military custody

Posted: 2019-12-03T11:02:49Z
Panic in Kasese as Alleged Goat thief Dies in Military custody

Investigations have commenced into the mysterious death of an alleged goat thief in the army detach at Habitat cell in Kamaiba Ward in Kasese town. 

30-year-old Edson Nzabalha, a resident of Temangalo Cell in Central Division in Kasese municipality was picked up on suspicion of stealing two goats over the weekend, according to Margret Biira Mafuta, the area LC III councilor.

However, Biira says that on Monday residents saw soldiers behaving in a suspicious manner in an attempt to transport Nzabalha’s body to his home, forcing the area LC I chairperson to go to the detach only to return and confirm Nzabalha’s demise. 

Nzabalha had been arrested on the recommendations of the LC I chairperson, Hamada Njima on suspicion of being a thief after he was found in possession of two goats believed to have been stolen.

Residents wondered why the suspect was taken to an army facility instead of being handed to police, the institution charged with the duty of investigating crime and prosecuting suspects.

The area UPDF Spokesperson Captain Masumbuko Ssonko claims Nzabalha committed suicide in the holding cells using his trouser to hang himself.  

According to Ssonko, the deceased was detained at the army facility because police and the army normally work together and, in some cases, agree that the UPDF temporarily holds suspects especially during the night awaiting transfer to police the following the day.