Police Finally Neutralizes faulty Gas Cylinder in Mulago

Posted: 2019-11-21T09:16:28Z
Police Finally Neutralizes faulty Gas Cylinder in Mulago

A joint team with the support of Bomb squad and forensic unit last evening successfully carried out a controlled explosion of a faulty gas cylinder opposite Mulago National referral hospital at a washing bay.

The cylinder had been seen gaining mass, placing the lives of the public within the vicinity at risk. However, many traders who operate in the area seemed unbothered and continued to loiter around until police used teargas to force them into safety.

Kampala metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire lauded the concerned members of the public who informed the police of the possible danger and for the level of vigilance they exhibited. 

“We also want to thank our task teams for the swift response and effective management of the scene, they were able to close off a section of the road, from Mulago round about to kubiri round about and cordoned off the scene where the cylinder was. The team later established that the cylinder had a potential of exploding in a radius of 300m, it was neutralized in a controlled manner and no one was hurt in the operation.

The area was later declared safe and a cross section of the road that had been closed during the operation has since been opened for traffic again and business.