Police Director Bangirana Thrown out of Office by Court 

Posted: 2019-11-18T11:18:08Z Read: 3,147 times
Police Director Bangirana Thrown out of Office by Court 

The Police Director in charge of Logistics, Godfrey Bangirana has been ordered to vacate his office and stopped from drawing any salaries and emoluments from government until the conclusion of the main case in which UYD member, Isaac Maddo accuses him of wasting taxpayers’ money.

The decision was made by Justice Henrietta Wolayo of the High Court Civil Division.

The judge also ruled that Bangirana's continued illegal stay in office taints the image of Uganda Police Force and the money he continues to draw causes an irreparable damage to the taxpayers.

The UYD member Maddo went to court seeking an interim injunction blocking the renewal of Bangirana’s contract, claiming he had failed to answer a number of audit queries raised in the Auditor General's report of 2018.  The Directorate of Logistics is being investigated on a number of issues including the expenditure of more than Shillings 10 billion on repairing a junk Police Helicopter and inflating the cost of constructing Natete Police Station from Shillings 10 billion to more than Shillings 100 billion.

Last week, the Attorney General defended the failure by Bangirana to vacate office saying that according to Police Records, he is still doing Police work and is entitled to salary and other emoluments and that there are higher chances for Bangirana's contract being renewed by the Internal Affairs Ministry.