President Museveni urges Combat Pilots to avoid Reckless living

Posted: 2019-11-06T09:36:30Z Read: 2,132 times
President Museveni urges Combat Pilots to avoid Reckless living

Eighteen combat aircraft pilot cadets and 172 aircraft engineers who were passed out at the Military Airbase in Bardege Division in Gulu district on Tuesday, have been urged to observe core values of air forces; remaining healthy by avoiding reckless living, serving above self and love for the country.

The call was made by President Yoweri Museveni also Chief of defence forces during the ceremony. The military base is under the Air Force Wing of the Uganda People’s Defense Force – UPDF.

The 18 pilots graduated in advanced combat and operational flight on ground attack using fighter jets after completing an eight-year course that began in 2011. 
During the ceremony, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni stressed the need to enforce the policy of studying science subjects in schools like physics that has yielded results for the new pilots who can now reap from what they sowed.

Lt. Gen. Charles Lutaaya, the Commander Air Defense in his brief remarks, revealed that the accomplishments of the demonstrations done were due to the selfless efforts, integrity and excellence of the pilots guided by expert trainers from Bulgarian military and civil aviation firm, Jotov & Son 

The Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) Gen. David Muhoozi, asserted that the advanced combat flight training is part the country’s long term vision of professionalizing the army and making Air Force superior in the region.