Omoro LCV Chairman Summoned by IGG over alleged abuse of office

Posted: 2019-10-22T13:13:27Z Read: 1,084 times
Omoro LCV Chairman Summoned by IGG over alleged abuse of office

Trouble has befallen the Omoro LC5 Chairperson Douglas Peter Okello Okao after the Inspectorate of Government summoned him over alleged abuse of office.

In a letter written by Geoffrey Matovu the Regional Inspectorate Officer on October 11th to Okao, the IG received numerous complaints from a whistle-blower that the Chairman received funds from Omoro district local government to participate in official activities which he did not attend and failed to refund the money.

On 7th November 2018, it is alleged that Okao received unspecified amount of money from the district to attend a meeting of Uganda Local Governments Association – ULGA in Koboko district but never showed face. 

He further received unspecified sum of money to attend ULGA Annual General meeting in Moroto district on February 17th and 18 but still never attended.

Okao who was supposed to appear before the Inspectorate of Government on October 15th said he had failed due to a busy schedule.

According to Ali Munira the IGG Spokesperson, Okao has been directed to appear at the Gulu Regional Office between Thursday and Friday this week.