Museveni defends National Prayer Breakfast as Kadaga prayed for more local donors

Posted: 2019-10-08T15:46:59Z
Museveni defends National Prayer Breakfast as Kadaga prayed for more local donors

The Speaker of Parliament has asked Ugandans to join her and the entire house to thank God for progress in the country especially in the roads and electricity. 
Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga was speaking at the 21st National Prayer breakfast at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala. 

The speaker also prayed that all rich people who sleep on huge sums of money may donate them to schools and hospitals especially in villages where they are most needed.

The leader of opposition Hon. Betty Awol Achan also prayed for end of corruption, and that all regions of Uganda receive equal distribution of resources.

During the same event, President Yoweri Museveni who was the chief guest used the Bible to preach about prosperity and asked Ugandans to work so hard. 
The president said that in the past, Uganda had several problems and weaknesses, but the country is now nearing the promised land.

According to Mr. Museveni, he was recently watching CNN and there was an interview of a man who wrote a book about the prayer breakfast, calling it a secret society.

“I was watching CNN and there was a big program about your breakfast. There is this woman called Amanpour. She was interviewing a man who has written a book about a prayer breakfast. This man, I think he is linked with the other groups, I think he is linked with homosexuals. He had written a book saying that us who are involved in the prayer breakfast are like a secret society. That we meet in secret and plan how to take over governments and stay in power” the president narrated.

The president said that the man also said; “even in Uganda, there is a branch with terrible people like a man called David Bahati who said that homosexuals should be killed.”

The president asked all Ugandans to focus on God and not religion as God is the most important aspect. He added that prayer breakfast advocates for anticivilization.