Mbale Woman MP Re-echoes need for Police guards as death threats against family persist

Posted: 2019-09-17T19:24:17Z
Mbale Woman MP Re-echoes need for Police guards as death threats against family persist

Mbale Woman Member of Parliament Connie Nakayenze Galiwango has run back to parliament over the threats on her life. 

Hon. Connie told parliament chaired by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga this afternoon that the Uganda police force has failed to protect him, withdrawn the bodyguards that had been provided in the past, leaving her and the children at risk.

“I was given a police guard who was withdrawn after three days. I need help because everyone in my home is living in fear. Why are guards withdrawn? I am scared and living in fear with my family. The DPC of Mbale says he has no manpower" the MP said.

The legislator has been facing death threats from unknown people who she claims trail her from Parliament to her home. They also sent her a letter threatening to cut off her head if UGX 400 million is not deposited on a mobile money number that was attached.

The unknown people claim they were sent by someone to harm hon. Connie. They also warned that if she went public, they would kill her children. 
However, she says that despite all this, the DPC has withdrawn her guard and redeployed him to another area. The MP says she wants a specific guard and does not trust those assigned to her.

“I need a police guard of my choice, not dictated by the people who want to do harm to me. At least there I will know that I am safer. This should be both in Seeta and Mbale” she told the house.

In her response, Speaker Kadaga noted with concern that the legislator had been talking about the same issue again and again and nothing was being done. She promised to meet the responsible people to sort this issue.

“I will invite the minister of Internal minister, Prime Minister and chief whip tomorrow so we can discus how to help the honorable member” Kadaga noted.