The After math Of Amama Mbabazi's Sacking.

Posted: 2014-09-20T05:20:38Z

Yesterday Not Hon. Amama Mbabazi got sacked and was relieved of his duties as prime minister, now he joins the rest of 78% of the unemployed people in Uganda. The reasons behind his sacking are very unclear, however some menbers of parliament accused Mr Mbabazi of privately using the position to mobilise support for his own presidential ambitions, millions of dollars of public money went missing from the prime minister's office but Mr Mbabazi denied any involvement even though the presidential statement announcing his sacking did not mention the missing money and instead thanked Mr Mbabazi for his contribution to the country.

Mr Mbabazi himself publicly maintained his support for the president - saying he would not challenge President Museveni as long as he was party leader.

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His replacement Rugunda also thanks Amama Mbabazi for the good work he has done in that office. Rugunda says;

Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has reacted on his appointment as Prime Minister thanking the president for giving him the responsibility and that he is ready to serve and his priority is to consolidate the achievements of government and focus on implementation of the manifesto and all Government plus party programmes that will lead to transformation of Uganda.

Aftermath of the decision:

Although the sacking was very rapid and nobody saw this coming criticism of my president’s decision is already being criticized and commented on by some members of parliament and influential people in the society;

The western region youth member of parliament Gerald Karuhanga said that sacking of Amama Mbabazi and replacing him with Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda would cost NRM party. .Karuhanga is advising the sacked prime minister whom he once accused of being involved in oil bribery to quit NRM and push for his bid for

Mr Mbabazi once a close ally now seen as a potential rival in 2016 elections.


Photo jokes about his sacking all over social net works;

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