Mbale Woman MP fears for life as unknown people threaten to kill her

Posted: 2019-09-09T08:50:00Z Read: 1,777 times
Mbale Woman MP fears for life as unknown people threaten to kill her

Mbale district woman member of parliament is in a state of fear after unknown people dropped a letter at her home, claiming to have been paid by someone to kill her.

In the letter, unknown authors say they have been following the legislator for a while and unless she raises a sum of UGX 400 million, she should be dead before end of this week. They even provided a contact 0780723011 under the names where the money should be sent.

“But this information is classified and if you try to show even your kids will be included because we have been following you and we know where they study from” the letter reads.

The letter also indicates that the authors are her colleagues from Mbale SS 2009-2012. 

This comes at a time when many Ugandans are being kidnapped and murdered, with police and security agencies still struggling to find the criminals.

Also, several important persons have been gunned down in the past after such letters were written. It remains unclear if the authors of this letter are serious, but it has been making rounds on the internet. 

Recently, the MP told parliament that she was being trailed by people moving in ipsum and later a premio who followed her even to Parliament. She says her life and the lives of her children are at stake.

When Hon. Connie reported to police, she was told to camouflage and use different car so as to confuse the enemies. The MP however says she has only one car.