NRM fails to organize Primary elections for Kaabong Woman MP Race

Posted: 2019-08-26T14:32:14Z
NRM fails to organize Primary elections for Kaabong Woman MP Race

The ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM Party primary elections in the Kaabong Woman MP by-election have flopped after the party leadership failed to distribute polling materials on time.

Several voters who turned up at polling stations across the district remained stranded with no voting materials or election officials. The election, which was slated for today, would determine the flag holder in the upcoming election of the rea Member of Parliament.  

The election comes after Kaabong Woman MP Rose Lilly Akello opted for the new Karenga district that became operational on July 1. So far, three people including Christine Tubo Nakwang, Agnes Napiyo and Ahmad Fardoza have expressed interest in the seat.  

A roadmap released earlier by the Electoral Commission indicates that the nomination of candidates will be held on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 August 2019, ahead of elections to be held on September 26, 2019.  

According to Agnes Napiyo one of the candidates, they have not heard any official position of the NRM party on why there were no elections and they have been campaigning until Saturday when the exercise officially ended. 

The NRM party Electoral Commission Chairman Dr Odoi Tanga, said the elections were affected by the late arrivals of polling materials. Dr. Odoi added due to time constraints, the party may consider negotiating with the candidates to choose a flag holder and avoid the hustle of holding primary elections.