Gen. Otafiire warns Ugandans against attacking officers of the law

Posted: 2019-08-06T14:42:27Z
Gen. Otafiire warns Ugandans against attacking officers of the law

Ugandans have been urged to support the independence of courts of law and avoid unlawful acts of threatening and intimidating officers of the law. 

The call was made by Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Gen. Kahinda Otafiire, during a press conference at Uganda Media centre this afternoon.
Gen. Otafiire was reacting to the Friday August 2nd incident at Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s Court where Ms Gladys Kamasanyu was was hit in the face with a water bottle after handing former Makerere Don Dr, Stella Nyanzi a 9 months prison sentence.

The minister says tax payers’ money was lost when court attendees became rowdy and vandalized court property. Gen. Otafiire says such acts are barbaric, regrettable and should have no place in the modern and democratic Uganda. He also condemned political actors who cheered on when the Magistrate was attacked.

“Unfortunately, this barbaric act has the support of some sections of the society involving political party leaders and functionaries who want to advance their cause through unacceptable means under the guise of exercise of their constitutional right of freedom of speech and association” he said.

He added that the ministry will support all efforts of the Judiciary to make sure that all judicial officers are free and feel safe and are under no intimidation and are under no intimidation or any sort of influence whatsoever, while performing their duties and to make sure that the integrity and independence of the temples of Justice is maintained as we pursue Justice for all. “Security of the Judicial officers shall be enhanced” he added.

He warned that those found responsible for the hooliganism or barbaric acts of attacking the Judicial officer and vandalizing court property shall be dealt with sternly according to the law.