Monstrous Father to spend 30 Years in Jail for sexually assaulting Own children

Posted: 2019-07-30T07:48:54Z
Monstrous Father to spend 30 Years in Jail for sexually assaulting Own children

Masaka Resident Judge, Winfred Nabisinde has sentenced a monstrous father in Kalangala district to 30 years in jail for defiling his biological daughters. 

The shameless monster is identified as 39-year-old Abud Nyenje, a resident of Lwabaswa Island in Kalangala district.  

He pleaded guilty for defiling his 9 and 14-year-old daughters and was arraigned in court on two counts of aggravated defilement and incest.  

Amina Nkasa the state prosecutor told court that Nyenje was arrested by residents who caught him red-handed having sexual intercourse with his 14 year old daughter. The minor would later tell residents that he had repeatedly sexually assaulted her and her young sister. 

Court heard that Nyenje had repeatedly had sex with his daughters since he separated with his wife in early 2018.  According to Nkasa, Nyenje threatened the minors not to reveal their ordeal to the neighbors. But his 40 days ended when one of the minors raised alarm, which attracted residents that caught him red handed and handed him over to police.

The prosecutor asked court to hand the monster a long custodial sentence to serve as an example to other horny men, saying cases of men sexually assaulting women are on the rise in Masaka region. However, the Defense lawyer, Alexander Lule asked court to give Nyenje, a lighter sentence since he didn’t waste court’s time and is remorseful for his actions.  

Justice Nabisinde in her judgement agreed with prosecution that Nyenje requires long custodial sentence for his conduct, arguing that court had the duty of protecting children and women from sexual violence.

Adding that people like Nyenje have to be kept away from society because they are dangerous to the girl child.  She condemned Nyenje’s action, saying it’s an abomination for a father to have sex with his daughter. He got 30 years for defilement and 19 years for incest to be served concurrently.