Drama in Katakwi as parents demand transfer of Head Teacher

Posted: 2019-07-10T14:56:15Z Read: 1,139 times
Drama in Katakwi as parents demand transfer of Head Teacher

Anger is brewing at Usuk Secondary School in Katakwi district where Parents and Students are demanding for the transfer of the head teacher Juventai Imanitai.

Parents have also threatened to withdraw all their children from the school if the head teacher, his deputy Andrew Ariko and the school bursar Robert Ekau are not transferred immediately. 

Trouble started on June 20th when the Ministry of Education and Sports closed the school over failure by the school management to pay teachers and support staff for over a year.  Imanitai was posted to the school in December 2016 after the death of Simon Peter Oluka.

One of the angry parents identified as Simon Okello, notes that since Imanitai was posted, the school has been performing poorly, adding that because of poor administration and performance the school enrollment dropped from about 600 to 296 students.   

Peter Okanya, another parent says ever since the Headteacher, his deputy and the bursar were transferred to the school, they have messed up the system and failed to address issues of non-payment of staff and poor performance.    

A student accuses the headteacher of finishing all time in Kampala and he is rare at school. This was however denounced by Imanitai who says that he is ready to leave the school following the bad conduct of the community within the school. 

The Chief Administrative Officer Katakwi Seraphine Alia blamed indiscipline among some teachers who have connived with the parents to chase away the head teacher.