All rent to be paid in Ugandan Shillings, government insists

Posted: 2019-07-05T12:49:47Z
All rent to be paid in Ugandan Shillings, government insists

The minister for Lands, housing and urban housing Hon Betty Amongi has explained that Ugandans will pay rent in local currency as per the provision in the Landlord tenant Bill 2018.

During a press conference at Uganda Media centre this morning, Hon. Amongi said most landlords have protested the provision Payment of rent in United States Dollars (Section 23(2) of the bill), saying it should be an understanding between the tenant and landlord on what currency to use, in rent payment.

However, the minister says other Ugandans including traders who import goods, do so in foreign currency, but end up selling the goods in Ugandan shillings.
She says landlords should also do the same. 

Adding that in expression of national sovereignty and in pursuit of macro-economic development and stability, all countries globally developed or developing, entrench settlement of charges across all sectors in their local currencies.

The minister also clarified that it is not true, that termination of tenants can only be effected by the landlord after a 6months notice. 

“The bill provides a number circumstances under which termination of tenancy can be effected by either the landlord or the tenant, under sections 37–43” she said.

On the issue of increasing rent, Minister Amongi said it is a global practice in which Governments regulate landlords and tenants. Countries like Germany, UAE, S. Africa, the USA, Canada and Asian countries do not increase their rent rate by more than 5% in their regulations.

The development comes after parliament passed the landlord and tenants bill 2018 into law. The president is yet to sign the bill into law.