Prime Minister Officially opens Service Excellence Exhibition

Posted: 2019-06-05T12:52:35Z Read: 1,064 times
Prime Minister Officially opens Service Excellence Exhibition

The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development has been applauded for increasing publicity and awareness for the National Budget through activities of the National Budget Month FY 2019/20.

The comment was made by Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda while officiating at the opening ceremony of the service excellence exhibition in Kampala on Wednesday morning. Dr. Rugunda sais that the mandate for the Office of the Prime Minster is to ensure proper coordination and implementation of Government policies and programs across Ministries, Departments and other Public Institutions. 

Adding that this is geared at ensuring the effective delivery of services across all sectors of Government. 

“I therefore thank Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development for working with us to improve accountability and service delivery. The ultimate objective of the NRM Government is to deliver Uganda to middle income status and I would like to note that we are on track to achieving this objective” he said.
He highlighted some of the key achievements of Government during the FY2018/19. 

According to the premier, NRM Government is committed towards enhancing infrastructure in order to further lower the cost of doing business and to facilitate the private sector. In this infrastructure drive, the National Paved Road Network has increased from 3,050 km (or 14.66% of the national road network) in 2008 to 4,551 km (or 21.1% of the national road network) in 2017/18. Government will continue to support the improvement in the connectivity of Rural Roads which will lead to increased productivity and service delivery.

He also revealed that the Energy Sector has also progressed well with total installed electricity generation capacity now over 1,200MW, with the coming on board
of Isimba (183MW), and– Nyamwamba (9.2MW), Nkusi (9.6MW) and Waki (4.8MW) mini-hydro power plants. This will contribute towards industrialization and job creation as highlighted in the medium-term theme for the Budget: “Industrial for Job Creation and Shared Prosperity.”

About social services, Dr. Rugunda said the Health Sector has increased universal health coverage with essential health and related services needed for promotion of healthy and productive life. Malaria prevalence among children less than 5 years of age has significantly reduced by 30%, Antiretroviral Therapy coverage has improved from 73% to 86% contributing significantly to treatment of HIV and
reduction in mother to child transmission.

“Government has managed to Universalize Primary and Post Primary Education and over 92% of parishes have Government aided schools and Literacy rates have increased by 74% among persons aged 10 Years and above” he also said.

He spoke of Government’s continued support of Agriculture by improving the Agricultural Value Chain, thereby increasing Agricultural production and productivity, and the exports promotion drive in order to improve Uganda’s trade balance. “As a result, Uganda’s trade

balance has continued to improve, with a trade surplus recorded with the East African Community and the rest of Africa during the Month of March 2019.”

He encouraged all members of the public to turn up for this week’s exhibition that is running from today Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th June 2019, to get informed about all the products, services and innovations that Government Agencies are expected to offer.