Gen. Muntu sets date to launch Political party

Posted: 2019-04-30T11:45:13Z
Gen. Muntu sets date to launch Political party

Former forum for democratic change, FDC party president Rtd.Maj.Gen. Mugisha Muntu has set May 23rd, 2019 as the day he will launch the new political party, Alliance for National Transformation (ANT).

Addressing the media at the party offices in Bukoto, Kampala this morning, Gen. Muntu said the new party will be launched at Serena Conference Hall in Kampala.   

The development follows the party’s receipt of its registration certificate from Election Commission. 

Muntu, the former Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party President last year led a section of senior FDC members who exited the party to embark on forming a new political party. 

Formerly, the former FDC president had announced that the new party would be launched before end of 2018, but this he says was delayed by failure to get clearance from Electoral Commission in the time they had anticipated.  

He applauded all party promoters who worked tirelessly and funded the registration process, adding that the party will be announcing its strategies and way forward after the official launch.   

Gen. Muntu also clarified that the currently, party has no leadership and that he isn’t the party president. He only carries a title of party promoter like other members.