Teargas, Live Bullets rock Kyambogo as student loses hand

Posted: 2019-03-28T09:32:40Z
Teargas, Live Bullets rock Kyambogo as student loses hand

Hell broke loose at Kyambogo University this morning when police and students engaged in running battles as a protest against an unfair university administration policy got out of hand.

Police fired teargas to disperse the students who had turned rowdy. It was during this scuffle that one student identified as Abraham Kansiime, a student of bachelor of Automotive and Power Engineering lost his hand.

Kansiime’s hand was shuttered by a teargas canister when he attempted to throw it back at police officers. He sustained serious damage on his right hand.
His colleague rushed him to Kyambogo University Medical Centre and was later transferred to Nsambya Hospital for further treatment. 

Police was this morning called in after students became rowdy during a protest against a new tuition policy that requires them to have cleared tuition by the 12th week of the semester or else get a dead year.  

The announcement was made by Dr. Anna Begumisa University the Academic Registrar recently.

“You are advised to pay all fees within the first six weeks of the semester i.e from 7th January to 17th February 2019. Anyone who will not have fully paid fees by the above date, will be levied a surcharge of 50,000shs in addition to the required fees” part of the letter reads. 

Earlier today, students threw stones at vehicles damaging windows of the University bus and secretary’s vehicle and also vandalized window panes in university buildings. 

This prompted Police to fire teargas and live bullets to drive the students outside the university to the neighboring Banda trading center leaving empty classes.