Alalo's sons in Ethiopia to identify mother's remains

Posted: 2019-03-15T05:54:20Z
Alalo's sons in Ethiopia to identify mother's remains

A team of officers from the Uganda police force are in Ethiopia to help with identification of one of their own, commissioner of police Christine Alalo who perished in the Sunday plane crash.

Alalo was one of the 149 passengers who died when the Ethiopian Airlines' flight ET 302 crashed 6 minutes after take off from Bole international Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The police has since contacted her family to send a member for the identification process.

On Thursday, a team of officers led by Moses Byaruhanga the Director police health services set off to handle the task. He was accompanied by Okello Gregory who is Alelo's brother and her son, Alvin Asiimwe. Emmanuel Asiimwe, Alalo's elder some will join them in Addis Ababa today Friday. He is traveling from Canada. 

Alalo's two sons will provide DNA samples which will be used to identify their mother's remains so her remains can be brought home for a descent burial. The team was on Thursday evening received in Addis Ababa by AIGP Rwego Xervir of the Interpol African Union. 

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson says that burial details will be communicated based on reports issued by both Rwego and Moses Byaruhanga.