FDC condemns attack on party leaders in Amolatar

Posted: 2019-03-11T10:06:02Z Read: 1,629 times
FDC condemns attack on party leaders in Amolatar

Opposition forum for democratic change party FDC, has condemned the manner in which their leaders were treated on their way to Amolatar where they had taken mama kits and sanitary towels for women and young girls in the district.

Ssemujju Nganda the party spokesperson says their leaders were blocked from boarding a ferry MV Kyoga from Nakasongola to the district but they fought the police and managed to leave, but had to leave their vehicle behind.

According to Nganda, the delegation was also slated to open an office that was constructed on a piece of land donated by a well wisher, but were greeted by fighting between police and locals.

The mama kits were meant for health centres while sanitary towels were being taken to a school. However, before all this could happen, the party president Amuriat Patrick was arrested. 

“What was surprising about the group at Amolatar arresting FDC, they did not even have enough tools. One woman was carrying a panga, you can imagine a police woman carrying a panga. They kept asking where is Besigye?” Nganda narrated.

He says the police disrupted a noble exercise that was meant to help mothers and young ladies. He says maternal deaths have increased from 19% to 20% every year due to such interruptions. 

Hon. Nganda says this was their way of celebrating the International Women’s Day 2019. He called upon police to put the country before self and not act as the shield of president Museveni, arguing that the president is going down and the police should not go down with him.