Four thugs shot dead in attempted robbery

Posted: 2019-02-25T12:14:10Z Read: 2,150 times
Four thugs shot dead in attempted robbery

Four robbers have been shot dead and police are searching for three others who were a part of an attempted robbery at CMB warehouse, one of Mukwano industries subsidiaries.

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire told a press briefing this morning that the 7 robbers had succeeded in loading electrical appliances on vehicles when they were put in action by police working together with guards that were on duty at the ware house.

Owoyesigire adds that only two of the dead robbers have been identified and these are; Bwanika Chris from Makindye Kigaga zone and Kayizza Edrisa a boda boda cyclist in Natete central. The other two are yet to be identified as police also hunts for the three that managed to get away.

Police also recovered pangas and knives as part of the exhibits from the scene of crime. 

Security guards informed police when they saw unfamiliar number plates in the vicinity. One of the vehicles used by the robbers was UAE 985N.