Ugandans demand Justice after UPDF officers’ attack on traffic police woman

Posted: 2019-02-25T05:34:05Z Read: 1,450 times
Ugandans demand Justice after UPDF officers’ attack on traffic police woman

The Uganda people’s Defense Forces, UPDF has in custody its own officers RA/221607 Lance Corporal Bushindiki Peter and RA/230927 Private Okurut John Robert serving as retired Major General Matayo Kyaligonza Uganda's Ambassador to Burundi’ body guards for assaulting a traffic police officer.

Kyaligonza came under attack from the public on Sunday after he and his guards manhandled a female traffic police officer identified as Sergeant Esther Namaganda at Seeta.

The military has since arrested the two guards for their pathetic acts and are currently held at Military Police Headquarters. 

Trouble began when Gen. Kyaligonza, a National Resistance Army (NRA) historical was captured in a photo on Sunday together with his two armed UPDF bodyguards roughing up a traffic officer.

The incident according to eyewitness occurred in Seeta, Mukono after the traffic officer allegedly tried to stop Kyaligonza's vehicle for making a U-turn in the middle of the road.

Army Spokesperson, Brig. Gen Richard Karemire told the press that he regretted the incident citing that both UPDF and Uganda Police were establishing the facts to guide action to be taken. 

"We have been informed of the incident involving a Police Traffic Sergeant and UPDF military Police Soldiers. It is very regrettable and apologies to our Police Sister," Brig. Gen. Karemire said in a tweet.

He later added that the duo had been arrested. 

“We wish to inform the public that as investigations into circumstances that led to the Seeta incident continue, UPDF has arrested RA/221607 L/CPL Bushindiki Peter and RA/230927 Pte Okurut John Robert. They are now held at Military Police Hqs” Brig. Karemire says.

He however says their boss was not arrested since he did not appear to assault the officer in the viral video. But, Sergeant Esther Namaganda says the Ambassador gave her a hot slap on the chic and she was in immense pain. 

AIGP Stephen Kasiima the head of traffic police also says this is not the first time UPDF soldiers have attacked his officers. He says traffic officers are now scared of doing their job because of such people as Kyaligonza and his guards.

Ugandans on social media have since called for the fall of Kyaligonza, with some even suggesting that he is immediately recalled from the diplomatic service.