Horror as Hippos Kill Three on L. Victoria

Posted: 2019-02-22T09:30:28Z
Horror as Hippos Kill Three on L. Victoria

Horror has befallen the areas adjacent to Lulamba Island, Kalangala District on Lake Victoria where three people have died when a boat they were travelling in was hit by a Hippo. 

According to available reports, the deceased persons were travelling from a nearby Buwuvu Island when they were hit and drowned. 
An eyewitness identified as Abas Kasasa, says the canoe boat was approaching a landing site "Kaaya" on Lulamba Island when the Hippopotamus hit it. 

He explains that the place has always been marked as a dangerous spot where Hippopotamus stay and that usually, boats take a longer route to reach to a nearby landing site safely. 
Police is yet identify the bodies of those who drowned.

Meanwhile, the hippopotamus had earlier on killed three cows on Lulamba Island. The area Councilor Tadeo Mwesige has advised that Uganda Wildlife Authority picks all wild animals and reptiles that are not under control from places where people reside. 

Also, last month, four people were killed by crocodiles on different islands in Kalangala district.