Bishop Emeritus Rt Rev Bamwoze is dead

Posted: 2019-02-11T09:32:44Z Read: 1,776 times
Bishop Emeritus Rt Rev Bamwoze is dead

Sadness has gripped Busoga Region Christians after the first Bishop of Busoga Anglican Diocese Rt. Rev. Cyprian Bamwoze passed on Monday. 
The 86-year-old Bamwoze, succumbed to leukemia at Uganda Cancer Institute this morning.
According to Rt. Rev. Samuel Bogere Egesa, the Bishop of Bukedi Diocese, Christians of Busoga and the entire country have lost a dedicated servant of the Lord.

Egesa said he checked on the late Bishop at the cancer institute last week and he was able to recognize visitors although he couldn't talk well. Bishop Bamwoze had spent almost six months in hospital.
He was appointed the first Bishop of Busoga Diocese on August 13, 1972 a week after his consecration on August 6, 1972. 
May his Soul Rest in eternal peace.